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15 December 2006 @ 02:23 am
Let's liven this place up  
So I came across this place, and it seems that people are still around, there just isnt much action. But we can change that.

Im an official poker addict. Ive been playing for a few years and I absolutely love it. I play every Saturday out of town with a bunch of friends, we sometimes get up to 25 people. And of course 99% of the time Im the only chick there. The odd time one of the guys will bring along their girlfriend.

I do play online, almost everyday lol and I have played in the casino a bunch of times. I prefer the home games the most though. Its great when you can constantly play against people you know, easier to win that way.

Ive fallen in love with Pot Limit Omaha. Always gotta use your brain when playing that. I play mostely at Full Tilt and PKR. PKR is a brand new site, and I absolutely love it. If you havent heard about it, you should def to go to PKR.com and watch the intro, that alone should get you excited lol I used to play at Paradise, but Ive given that place a rest...for now anyways

So theres my intro....cmon girls start posting
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